10 Things to do in Newport Beach

I am so lucky to call Newport Beach my hometown! It has so much to offer and really is a slice of paradise in Southern California. Summer weather all year long is just one of the many perks to living here. Here’s 10 of my favorite things to do in Newport.

1. Duffy through the marina.
A must-do while visiting Newport. Duffy’s are electric boats that you can rent to cruise around the marina. They aren’t open water safe and only go up to 5 mph. I call them the Prius of the sea. They are so much fun to take out with a group of friends. They have a picnic style table in the center and are perfect to bring a cooler filled with your favorite snacks (or wine and cheese if you’re like me). There are also several different fun restaurants and bars in the bay that have duffy parking if you want to pull up and order some food or stop in for a drink! Sunset cruises are my favorite and boating around all the little islands throughout the whole bay. They are a blast and super easy to drive, no boating experience necessary.
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2. Stand Up Paddle Boarding
Such a fun work out! Great core exercise while enjoying being out on the water. Paddle all around Balboa Island or just maneuver through the marina and enjoy the views of the beautiful waterfront homes. I’m spent after 2 hours!
3. Beach Day.
The Peninsula has the best beaches in Newport, so wide and open, you’ll never have trouble finding a spot to park your beach chairs and umbrella. Get here early though, parking your car isn’t as easy. Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, whales & sharks (eek!)
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4. Bike Ride.
Cruise up and down the peninsula on a beach cruiser or a tandem bike if you’re feeling crazy! Cruise up and down the boardwalk and stop for an ice cream cone at either of the piers. Sure way to have an amazing day in the sun!
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5. Eat at Ruby’s Shake Shack at the end of the Balboa Pier.
Enjoy beautiful views of the ocean and peninsula beaches from the end of the pier. You can also enjoy beautiful views from the Ruby’s Shake Shack in Crystal Cove Park.
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6. Kayak the Marina.
Another great way to mix in a work out into fun play time in the sun. When you’re finished kayaking all around the marina, stop for a pulled pork sandwich at BBQ at the Balboa Fun Zone, Yum!
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7. Back Bay Trail.
Feel like roller blading, biking or hiking with a beautiful view? Go explore the Back Bay Trail starting at the Dunes in Newport Beach. 12 miles roundtrip if you are feeling ambitious. Enjoy a beautiful sunset view if you go in the evening.
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8. Bonfire.
Roasting S’mores at sunset, does it get any better?
9. Crystal Cove National Park.
There’s a reason I chose to get married here. Stunning views of the glistening ocean and tide pools filled with sea critters to explore. Such a beautiful place to visit for the day. If you really want to explore the area, book a room at the national park and stay in one of the original cottages! Rooms fill up FAST and are extremely affordable!

10. Inspiration Point.
Corona Del Mar, take a stroll down Ocean blvd and make your way down to the beaches. Although the views from the street are unbeatable.

Still bored?
It’s never a bad idea to stop by Fashion Island outdoor mall to stroll around, especially if you have a dog, the shops are super dog friendly. Great shopping with plenty of boutiques and the views of the ocean aren’t so bad either πŸ™‚
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