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I am one of those crazy dog ladies who cooks homemade food for their dog. We never found a kibble that worked out quite right, so I decided to start cooking for her. I also love Just Food For Dogs, however it got to be pretty pricey especially since my 1 year old puppy is 100 lbs. They have these amazing DIY kits that I just discovered that you can buy for a fraction of the price. It is a canister of nutrients that you add to their recipes to make sure your dog is getting the most out of her homemade meal! In addition to the DIY kits, sometimes I mix things up and make my own Doggy Entrees for Scout. Here is one of her favorites!

IMG_1225puppy recipe

1 Lb. Turkey
16 Oz Chopped Broccoli
16 Oz Chopped Butternut Squash
1-2 Tablespoons vegetable oil for pan

IMG_1218puppy recipe

IMG_1219puppy recipe

I like to buy all organic frozen veggies for her, since I have to make so much of it, I keep several bags of frozen peas, chopped broccoli, chopped carrots and butternut squash in the freezer so they are always ready!

I like to use a wok because this makes a pretty large portion of food!

Heat the vegetable oil in the wok and add the ground turkey.

IMG_1216puppy recipe

SautΓ© the turkey till browned and add the chunks of butternut squash and leave the lid on this time so it steams the frozen squash.

IMG_1220puppy recipe

After a few minutes, once the squash begins to soften, add the frozen chopped broccoli.

Once the broccoli and squash are warm, I stir it all together so it breaks up the squash and mixes all the turkey evenly throughout the veggies.

IMG_1221puppy recipe

Before serving this to Scout, I make sure it’s cooled down (sometimes I throw in an ice cube to speed things up).

IMG_1228puppy recipe

For Scout, this recipe only makes 2 meals, but it is so simple to just throw those 3 ingredients together. It also only costs about $6 if you get the turkey and veggies on sale.

Voila! Your dog now loves you a little bit more and will probably refuse to eat kibble ever again πŸ™‚

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