Goodbye Summer

I’m not quite ready to give up on my summer wardrobe! Also, being 8 months pregnant, my body’s been running extra hot these days and I’m almost ALWAYS out of breath. Oh the joys of the third trimester.

I love showing off my baby bump in body contour dresses of all lengths and colors. I’ve recently been finding myself in stripes and how more suiting is this nautical blue and white dress for a walk around Balboa Island? Pairing it with a jean jacket makes for the perfect transitional piece into fall.


I refuse to surrender my heels! But definitely switching my style from pumps to platforms the more preggo I get. Platformed sandals are so easy to wear all day and add a little extra flair to any outfit. This Marc Jacob’s backpack is also my new go-to when running errands & walking my dog.


Lovely ladies! I wanted to thank you for all the love and support with a giveaway!

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